Reiki – Your Path to Wellness


Understanding Reiki

Put simply, Reiki is incredible.

Reiki is an ancient form of hands on healing. It is of Japanese origin where Reiki means ‘universal life-force’ energy.

At Gold Coast Reiki Healing, I use a variety of modalities to be able to offer a variety of healing services for you to keep your body and spirit in balance and your life force aligned. I use a psychotherapy approach that is both holistic and integrative.

Gold Coast Reiki Healing’s emphasis is on identifying and addressing current stressors, exploring past experiences, family dynamics and developing positive life patterns.

Reiki is highly beneficial as it brings in the ‘ease’ for relaxation and reducing stress.

How Does Reiki Work?

There are two things in the universe: energy and matter, and Reiki directly affects the former.

As a form of energy work, it expands beyond most traditional energy healing modalities. All major spiritual practices recognise a universal conscious, whether the energy itself is intelligent, or there is a direct higher power, something enlightened guides the flow of Reiki energy.

Frequently, this is referred to as one’s Higher Self (or Inner Healer). What can better heal than the energy directly from this ultimate benevolent consciousness in combination with the core of your spirit?

Reiki is so pure, and this purity gives the practice such power. Reiki energy begins traveling from the practitioner’s hands to their client, to all areas of the being that need the healing life force.

Even hospitals overseas are beginning to employ Reiki practitioners. Energy healing with intention is still extremely powerful, but Reiki is known as being an incredibly flexible healing art and able to complement all medicines.

What Does A Reiki Session Entail?

A session lasts approximately 90 minutes and usually a further follow-up treatment is required.

At the follow-up treatment, we re-assess if any further therapy is required.

Each person is different and unique. Only by working ‘with’ you and not ‘on’ you, healing begins to be accepted and takes place.

The information I take in, I pass on to you for a better understanding and clearer communication with yourself. This experience creates a great inner bond, allowing you to connect with your inner self on a deeper spiritual level.

Reiki For Your Pets

Gold Coast Reiki Healing offer a variety of healing services for your animals and pets, as I use a variation of modalities to keep your pets body and spirit in balance and align their life force. Each animal and pet is different and unique. Only by working ‘with’ them and not ‘on’ them, healing begins to be accepted and takes place.

The information I take in I pass on so you for a better understanding and clearer communication with your animals and pets. This experience creates a great bond so it is important for the owner to be present so everyone benefits from the experience and both connect on a deeper spiritual level.

Reiki helps to speed up the natural process of healing and your pet is treated in the comfort of their own home and surroundings. Animal Reiki is gentle and can also be done from a distance called distance healing

How Reiki Can Help

Assistance With Depression and Anxiety

  • Reiki helps restore a person’s overall sense of balance, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. This helps to improve the person’s mood and helps you to overcome feelings of guilt and/or sadness.
  • Reiki is extremely relaxing. Depression is often accompanied by anxiety.
  • As Reiki relaxes the body, mind and spirit, this helps to combat anxiety and a sense of freedom from this ‘blackness’ is felt.
  • Reiki puts you back in control of your life. One of the most common symptoms of depression involves withdrawing from friends and family or feeling disconnected from others.
  • Reiki relieves stress. Stress can contribute to the development of depression and ongoing stress can also worsen a depressed person’s symptoms.


Accelerate The Healing Process

  • The intent of energy healing is to promote health through the subtle energies. It is thought that disease arises from disturbances in the subtle energy field.
  • After a Reiki session, chronic or acute pain may lessen or resolve. Having said this, also consider that many troublesome conditions are not created overnight. While it may happen, don’t expect an instant recovery.
  • After a session, your body may detoxify. You might have to go to the bathroom more frequently, or your skin might release toxins. To help the detoxification process, you should drink lots of water before and after treatment, and over the following few days.
  • An increase in energy and alertness, and a feeling of overall well-being may be noticed as well. Reiki is recommended for ongoing health maintenance. It promotes strong health & can prevent illness.
  • You don’t have to be sick to benefit from Reiki.


Reiki for mums with Postpartum Depression

  • As a new mum, you may feel slightly depressed or overwhelmed during the first few days of becoming a mum. Some women experience a more severe form of depression, affecting around 15% of new mums.
  • You may try to get through this ordeal by taking medication, trying to get some rest and attending counselling. Research has shown Reiki may be beneficial to women with postpartum, postnatal depression.
  • People often feel less stress. Stress is one of the most significant factors contributing to depression so relieving stress may help to improve the signs of depression.
  • Mothers with depression often feel alone, withdrawn and disconnected from those around them. The personal one-on-one attention received during a Reiki session may help the mother to feel more grounded and connected to the world and her environment around her.
  • Reiki sessions give new mums a chance to relax and recharge. This is very beneficial to mothers who have depression, accompanied by feelings of anxiety and stress.


Help For Migraine Sufferers

  • People who suffer from migraines experience extreme throbbing, pulsating pain in the head, usually on one side. Many are also sensitive to light and sound, and may experience vomiting and nausea. These attacks can last for hours or sometimes days, leaving the person helpless. Many people can only find relief by laying in a quiet, dark room until they feel better again.
  • Particular medications may reduce the frequency or severity of migraine attacks. Doctors often encourage patients to avoid triggers such as stress, some smells such as perfumes, foods and environmental factors, which can also bring on an attack. Patients may be able to relieve pain by taking medication and trying to relax as much as possible.
  • Reiki is a non-invasive therapeutic technique that may reduce the frequency and severity of migraines or alleviate pain during a migraine attack. The benefits of Reiki for migraine sufferers could include:
    • Stress relief and feelings of relaxation. This is beneficial because stress is usually a precursor to headaches, so reducing it as much as possible may prevent these types of migraines. 
    • Mood Boosting. This is beneficial because migraine headaches and depression often go hand in hand. By boosting ones mood, Reiki may reduce the likelihood of future attacks.


Boost Energy Levels

Work pressures, relationships, parenting, financial issues and day to day worrying can drain us and create stress. This leaves us feeling chronically tired, highly strung and low in energy where we once felt full of bounce and vitality. No one enjoys feeling drained, exhausted, sleep deprived and stressed out all the time as it leaves us unable to live our life to the fullest. The most common causes of decreased energy include:

  • Overwork,
  • Sedentary lifestyle,
  • Poor diet,
  • Constantly worrying,
  • Insufficient “me” time.

Reiki hands on healing works to rebalance the flow of energy, encouraging the body, mind and spirit to seek and restore health and wellbeing.


Space Clearing

  • I can clear negative energy from the spaces used by you, your family and your pet to bring positivity, abundance and get your life back on track.
  • Space clearing removes dense, negative, energetic vibrations and brings positivity, harmony and balance and peace and tranquility into your surroundings.
  • Space clearing is done using sound therapy, crystals and smudging with sage and herbs.

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